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Algilez Lessons

University of the Third Age (U3A), Bournemouth

We ran our first course of 20 lessons (1 ½ hours per week, total 30 hours) from January to June 2016.

Although the class was very small, by the end of the course, the 'students' (all retired people) were able to write good quality essays and have reasonable conversations.  Test scores were over 85%.

We started the course again in January 2017 with a few minor changes (suggested by the first class) that were intended to increase the speaking content and make the course a bit more fun!  Unfortunately class numbers were too small to sustain the class.

If you live in the Bournemouth area and would like to join us, please contact me at or for more information click on U3APoster.pdf


I'm pleased to report that the Algilez App is now available for Android.

The app is suitable for all mobile devices which use the Android operating system.  It is intended that the app for Apple devices will follow soon.

The app provides links to most of the Algilez website pages and documents and, most importantly, contains the  on-line Algilez lessons. The free app contains lessons 1 to 4.  The full course of 20 lessons will be through a paid app.  The on-line lessons provide an ideal way for individuals to start learning Algilez using their mobile devices.  They are based on the normal classroom lessons, but modified for self learning.  See the Algilez Forum below for more information and updates.


Links from this page

6.0    Introduction (PDF) Introduction and information on the Course. Read this first!
6.1    Lesson 1 (PDF)   Greetings, Introductions, Asking Questions, Algilez Alphabet.
6.2    Lesson 2 (PDF)   Questions and Numbers.
6.3    Lesson 3 (PDF)    Verbs & Tenses, past, present actions.
6.4    Lesson 4 (PDF)    Future actions, Orders & Requests, Compound words, Pronouns
6.5    Lesson 5 (PDF)   Adjectives & adverbs, Root words & affixes, Clothes and colours.
6.6    Lesson 6 (PDF)   Comparisons, parts of the body, Describing people.
6.7    Lesson 7 (PDF) Numbers and counting, Possessives
6.8    Lesson 8 (PDF) Days, months & Seasons. Telling the time, Transitional verbs.
6.9    Lesson 9 (PDF) Ages, Dates, Family events.
6.10  Lesson 10 (PDF) Countries, Nationalities, Word order, Passives, Negatives.
6.11  Lesson 11 (PDF) Work & jobs, Double verbs, Requirements & obligations.
6.12  Lesson 12 (PDF) Frequencies, House & home, Translating 'It is/There is'.
6.13  Lesson 13 (PDF) Visiting places, Prepositions of place, Giving directions.
6.14  Lesson 14 (PDF) Seeing the town, Prepositions of time.
6.15  Lesson 15 (PDF) Inviting people out, Relative pronouns.
6.16  Lesson 16 (PDF) Food, drink, cooking & shopping, Quantities.
6.17  Lesson 17 (PDF) Families, Relative (Perfect) tenses.
6.18  Lesson 18 (PDF) Reported speech, Culture & customs.
6.19  Lesson 19 (PDF) Conditional & Hypothetical, Office equipment, School & learning.
6.20  Lesson 20 (PDF) IT Devices, Values, Writing letters & emails.
6.21  Test 21 (PDF) A test of everything in Lessons 1-20.
6.22  Test Answers 22 (PDF) Answers to the test and the scoring system.
6.23  Vocabulary for this course (PDF) Algilez/English vocabulary for the App course.

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Home 1 Information 2 Grammar 3 Vocabulary 4 Alphabet 5 Learning 6 Lessons
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