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Algilez International Language - Grammar

20 July 2015

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International Language

The Algilez Grammar

The main features of Algilez

Algilez follows the word order convention of English, Chinese etc (i.e. Subject, Verb, Object) but with a

simpler grammar and vocabulary.

The vocabulary is based on 'condensed' English, providing maximum familiarisation for those people who

have some knowledge of English as a first or second language and short simple words to learn for those

who don't.

The whole vocabulary is logically categorised by the meaning of the words.

There is a single meaning for each word.

Words are pronounced as they are spelt.

The grammar is 'logical', in that qualifiers (adjectives & adverbs) follow the word they are qualifying,

enabling the listener to begin to understand the meaning of each sentence as it is spoken or read, rather

than having to wait until the end.

International conventions for numbers and Latin based plant & animal genus names are retained (but

transcribed into phonetic Algilez words).

The optional Algilez alphabet, using a single symbol matched to each sound, overcomes many of the

difficulties associated with the well used, but far from uniform, Latin alphabet.

© Copyright Alan Giles 1999